Online Scratch Cards Or Offline Scratch Cards- Who Stands a Chance?

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The appeal and excitement of scratch cards are hard to ignore. Scratch cards offer a fun and low-risk method to satisfy that gambling itch, to take a break from the monotony of life and to dream. Every small and big thing is now online and available for everybody to access them and so are the scratch card games. 

With the advent of technology and the boom of mobile phones, online scratch cards have gained momentum and are seen everywhere. The print versions or offline versions of these scratch cards seem to have worn off over time. Online scratch cards are now preferred and liked among players of the upcoming generation, which raises the question that, why is there more relevance of online scratch cards and their mobile alternatives and what exactly is the future of paper versions of scratch cards?

The main feature of offline scratch cards is its physicality. The excitement of scratching that grey layer with a coin or the tip of a key is hard to duplicate in the virtual world. Some players get their share of excitement and joy from this only. But the merits that the online versions have, are far greater than this, which may point out in the direction that we are not far from a future when offline versions will just be a thing of the past. So let us see some of the advantages that online scratch cards have over the paper ones.

The Convenience

You no longer have to exit the house or office during those scorching summer days or blistering cold or have to stand in long queues to purchase the offline scratch cards. You can buy and play the online scratch cards over the internet sitting at home. You can play whenever and wherever you want to.

No More Waiting

You simply buy them, scratch and see the result. There is no waiting for the result day or the draw time or checking the numbers like in offline versions. This instant result feature is loved by many players.

No Middlemen Involved

Unlike offline versions, playing the online scratch cards does not involve any middlemen which makes it even easier and convenient for you.

Cheaper Than Offline Cards

Online scratch card games are cheap to play in. Back in the days, any positive outcome at offline scratch cards usually meant having to undergo various claiming procedures, which often cost more than the actual prize. 

Safe to Play

Playing online scratch cards does not present many risks. Since you do not have to invest large sums of cash, the chances that you are exposing yourself to serious financial hazards are extremely low.

Bonuses and Discounts

You can get bonuses and freebies in online versions from time to time. This not only helps you to play the games many times for free of cost but also get discounts on the purchase of the cards.

Variety of Themes and Options

Online scratch cards provide a range of options to players. You can either choose to scratch yourself or opt for auto scratch. They come in a variety of denominations for all playing habits and wage. And in a whole host of themes, including sports, entertainment, TV and movies, history, adventure, casino, and there are also branded scratch cards which will pick up your attention.

Variety of Payment Options

The online scratch cards give you a variety of payment gateway options to purchase the cards and play the games.

Ease of Playing

You can make the process completely automated in an online version. You just need to store the tickets and the software will replay it every week by selecting the numbers you want to play. You don’t even have to remember to play, and you will never miss a draw, unlike what happens in paper-based scratch card games.

The Global Reach of Online Scratch Cards

The online scratch card games allow you to compete with other players at a global level. There are websites which conduct major overseas draws where you will get a chance to join with other players by exchanging shares.

All the above advantages and benefits that online scratch cards have over offline versions very well point towards an inevitable future where there will be complete dominance of online scratch cards over the paper-based ones. The convenience and ease of playing options make the online versions more popular and suitable for the fast-moving generation of players. Everybody nowadays wants casino games at the tip of their fingers without having to drop a sweat. What more to fulfil this desire other than the online scratch cards!

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Name: Online Scratch Cards Or Offline Scratch Cards- Who Stands a Chance?

Posted On: 08/02/2020

Author: Darren Henley