Everything you Need to Know About Video Poker Machines

First things first, video poker follows similar rules to the card games that you know. That is, you have to place your bet, which is between 1 and 5 coins. You will then be dealt 5 cards and your main objective is to form a higher hand from the 5 cards.

Remember that you will be given a chance to either discard and replace a card or keep your initial hand. After you are satisfied with your hand, you will reveal your hand and if your hand is higher than the dealer’s, you win.

Everything you Need to Know About Video Poker Machines

Myths and Misconceptions About Video Poker

There are so many unbelievable myths about poker floated around by beginners and the experienced players. However, 99.99% of these remain to be myths and nothing more.

Random Number Generator

This is an algorithm embedded in the machine’s software and is used by the video poker machine to deal cards to players. Every time a player clicks on the ‘Deal’ button, the RNG is called into action and shuffles all cards and issue a card afterwards.

There are some players that claim to have used various strategies before cards are dealt to get a stronger hand. But being factual we have to say, that is all pure luck.

Does Temperature Affects the Video Poker Machines?

This is another misguided notion that at least a few players believe. The truth is that temperature doesn’t affect the result of a particular hand. A standard deck of 52 cards will have a possible 2.5 million combinations all discharged at random and independently.

Slot Club Card Offers Better Payouts

This not true. A huge percentage of poker machines come with a pay table that shows how much will be paid out for a certain combination. So, it doesn’t matter what card or strategy you use to get higher payouts. That is the pay tables job.

There Are Different Strategies for Triple-Hands and Single-Hands

Poker machines employ a single algorithm for the triple hand and the single hand. It is, therefore, wrong to believe that these 2 hands require different strategies.

Competing for a three of a kind or Royal Flush doesn’t change a thing. The only thing is that you have a shot at more money.

One Casino Is Better Than Another

As mentioned earlier, video poker machines use a certain algorithm and that doesn’t change whether you play in one casino or another. The results will be the same thanks to a paytable that is available to players.

Pull Out your Player Card as Soon as you Land the Jackpot

Some players think that they cheat the machine by ejecting their credit card. The machine keeps records of all your wins and losses and so, doing that is a waste of time.

So, the next time you hit a land-based casino or decide to play online, keep the above in mind as you play your favourite poker game.

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Name: Everything you Need to Know About Video Poker Machines

Posted On: 27/07/2018

Author: Darren Henley