What Is A Base Dealer In Online Casino?

A Base Dealer is among the chief elements found in such games of chance as craps, which is among the most slang-filled and fast-paced games on this planet. The craps table, for instance, has a quartet of employee positions that help keep things in good order. These are the stickman, second and third base, as well as the boxman.

What Is A Base Dealer In Online Casino?

All the above positions are main elements that can be found in any crap game worth the name. The base dealer and their importance will be explained in more detail below.

Base Dealer And Their Bases: A Detailed Explanation

The second and third base crap dealers, as well as the boxman, are located near each other on the craps table. In effect, they are all on the same tableside and face the stickman. The boxman is located in the centre, with his seat being placed in front of the chips, while the second base dealer is located to the right of him and the third base dealer is positioned to the left.

The above works out to 3 dealers and a single boxman. The trio of dealers all follow a clockwise base rotation that is centred around the table. Depending on the casino concerned, around 20 minutes or so is spent on each base, with this average sometimes varying widely. Apart from the quartet of the aforementioned craps table workers, a floorman is provided who overlooks all craps tables on a floor.

Now, normally, the craps table is divided into 2 separate sections, with each of these sections enjoying the services of the trio of base dealers. The stickman is tasked with the distribution of the dice to shooters.

He also gathers up the dice once it has been rolled, takes care of the proposition bets that occupy the table centre, as well as all hardway bets. The stickman is additionally entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the dice are being correctly rolled.

The 2nd and 3rd base dealers take care of all bets on their table sections. They also help the boxman by stuffing the box with cash from bets and giving checks to players.

The boxman exchanges the cash for checks and tracks bets that originate from where the dice is located. The floorman on his part watches for bets that are made on the table location that the dice can possibly land on. Keeping track of all these requires that bets be correctly placed, and either properly cleared or played.

At any craps table, bets get booked and then placed in accordance with players location around the table. Normally, the craps table is separated into sections and boxes where dealers can place bets that have been made. It is vital that these boxes be arranged in an orderly manner, so that all officials at the craps table know exactly what goes where and just what is happening.

As the craps table is simply incapable of placing all player bets in line, the base dealers therefore either put bets on the front or back of the almighty number box. This leads to the question of just how players have their positions determined in an online casino.

Simply put, chip placement is all that determines if the base dealer will place a chip at the front or back of the box. Thus, if players are located at the front, the Stickman takes care of their chips and places it in the appropriate location. Should a player be located at the back, then the base dealer has their back, so as to speak!

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Name: What Is A Base Dealer In Online Casino?

Posted On: 20/12/2018

Author: Darren Henley