What is a Knock-Out Count?

A method of card counting applied used in gambling by professional punters, Knock-Out count is commonly used in the authentic table game of Blackjack. If you are already familiar with Blackjack and the manner it’s played at both land and online casinos, you might have come across the card counting method and how it is used by players to increase the odds of winning.


The Knock-Out method is one such card counting strategy that is relatively complex than the standard high and low card counting form. In standard card counting methods, the deck value is considered as zero while in the case of knock-out count, it will make a total of 4 points by the end of the card deck. While casinos usually detect the standard card counting method, this one is difficult to detect easily and if often more accurate. Thus, this method, also known as the ‘unbalanced system’ is mostly applied by Blackjack experts and may take a while for beginner Blackjack enthusiasts to master.

Why use the Knock-Out Count strategy in Blackjack

While there are popular betting strategies devised for Blackjack, card counting and especially the Knock-Out makes for a reliable technique. Different strategies vary in their level of difficulty and effectiveness and card counting is one usually practised by advanced players. The Knock-Out system gives the players to make wiser decisions when placing bets or making a move. Some experts say that it is easy for beginners to learn it, though the appropriate application could take more practice for using the method of assigning new point values to those cards in the deck.

How does it work?

What happens in a regular card counting technique? Well, the player tries to beat the casinos house edge. This is done by calculating when the card values are expected to occur and accordingly place bets. In this technique, the first different values are assigned to different cards. Then the player calculates the probability of the cards appearing based on those cards that have already been played in each game.

It works this way. When the players see that the higher value cards appear, they bet more and mostly win more. With the application of the counting cards technique, there is a possibility of a reduction in the house edge. The advantage can also be handed to the player if the method is applied flawlessly.

In a Knock-Out count, the sevens and the other cards are assigned a positive value which contributes to the summing of the counted deck with a positive value of four. For new players, this count could be a little tricky, but it does come with an advantage for the counter and may not be easily spotted by the casino.

Significant points to remember in Knock-Out Count

This method is not as straightforward as the standard card counting technique. If you make a mistake, it may become impossible to detect the errors or recover them. It’s important for players to be highly accurate through the counting process and concentrate on the deals to ensure that the count is appropriately done. Thus, the method is suited to Blackjack pros with the necessary experience.

Other than its use as a betting strategy in Blackjack, application of the Knock-Out terminology is often found in sports betting, especially in case of boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling and other such combat sports. In these games, players usually are said to knock-out their opponents in rounds when they manage to get them down on the mat with the referee counting to three for a win. Knock-outs mean win for the competitors and it also pays out accordingly to the straight bettors on the victory.

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Name: What is a Knock-Out Count?

Posted On: 24/12/2018

Author: Darren Henley