A Complete Guide to Online Casino Payment Methods Globally

 A Complete Guide to Online Casino Payment Methods Globally

We live in the digital age. The days of visiting brick-and-mortar casinos for your favorite slot as well as table games. This is also true when you visit physical betting establishments to place bets on sporting events.

Everyone enjoys casino favorites at any time, anyplace, via casinos online. The popularity of online casinos is increasing, especially during these challenging times. 

No matter where you reside, there are casinos online and sportsbooks that are ready to serve your needs. What makes this possible is the huge variety of casino payment methods options for online casinos that potential customers can utilize.

The wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods offered by online casinos can allow players worldwide to choose a casino that is suitable for their needs and to play there.

But, the mileage could depend on the state you reside in, according to the availability of these tools in terms of convenience, security, and convenience. 

Different Types of casino payment methods

One of the main aspects that players are looking at is the capacity to deposit funds quickly, simply, and secure. Many sportsbooks and casinos online provide a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Certain providers permit the deposit of funds using one specific payment method. Some may permit you to withdraw gains using your preferred casino payment methods. 

Most of the time, you’re only able to withdraw funds using the same account you used to deposit. With various options, casinos online offer choices for deposit and withdrawal, and it isn’t always easy to figure out.

To assist you in choosing the best payment method that meets your specific needs, we’ve developed an extensive guide on the best payment options for gambling online.

1. Credit and Debit Cards

This casino payment method is most well-known around the globe and is particularly popular in Europe and the United States. This is also the preferred method of payment for France (52 percent) and the UK (49 percent), Belgium (47%) as well as Spain (36 percent).

Additionally, online casinos and sportsbooks typically will accept Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro.

The most important benefit of using debit and credit cards is their Accessibility. It’s because the majority of people can apply for a debit or credit card to use it throughout the globe. But their biggest drawback is that increasing numbers of banks will not accept online gambling as a casino payment method.

Recently, credit card providers are the subject to strict rules that stem from their use as a gaming payment system.

2. Bank Wire Transfers

The majority of iGaming operators and bookmakers take wire transfers as their principal payment options. They are considered an extremely secure payment method by casinos online due to their stringent rules.

For example, wire transfers have to be subjected to even more strict KYC (Know Your Customer) processes to minimize the risk of cash laundering or any other related risks to KYC for any party involved in online casino transactions.

The reality is that KYC processes usually take some time. Therefore, this method of payment can take up to seven days to be completed. Another issue is that bank charges for wire transfers vary based on the deposit or withdrawal amount.

This type of method for payment has become more popular in countries where simpler and quicker online payment options are not widely accessible.

3. Instant Bank Transfers

This kind of wire transfer compensates for the usual drawbacks of traditional bank wire transfers, especially about the time required for transactions.

  • Giropay

Giropay is a different online casino payment method identical to iDEAL in terms of form and functionality.  The primary advantage, just like iDEAL, is its ease of usage. The payment method is the most commonly utilized in Germany and has more than 80 percent of German banks connected to Giropay.

It is among the most prominent payment merchants in Germany and a total of 75 percent of Germans are using a Giropay card.

Many casino and sportsbook portals are beginning to use cryptocurrencies as casino payment methods. This is largely due to the guarantee of security that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide.

One of the advantages of making use of Bitcoin as a method of payment is that it provides American players the chance to gamble online since Bitcoin gambling isn’t into the category of “online gambling” in the United States, which is prohibited in a majority of US states as of the moment of writing.

However, online casinos that accept cryptocurrency are beginning to operate from well-established European jurisdictions such as Malta. This includes brands like Bitstarz and CloudBet. 

The more traditional sportsbooks on the high street are now accepting crypto as a deposit method. Paying with Bitcoin is quick – but the exact details depend on the type of wallet you’re using and the terms for withdrawals of the online casino you have chosen.

Other cryptocurrencies beginning to gain recognition apart from Bitcoin comprise such cryptocurrencies as Litecoin, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash. Their capability to complete transactions more quickly and efficiently than conventional Bitcoin makes them attractive options for gambling online.

Whatever cryptocurrency you pick, several benefits can improve your experience. This includes:

  • Quick transactions. The debit and credit card generally require 3 to 5 weeks to complete, while cryptocurrency transactions are instant and provide confirmation.
  • Security. Cryptocurrencies offer an additional layer of security because of their inherent cryptographic nature. They provide an extremely secure payment method in conjunction with the latest encryption techniques that most reliable casinos and sportsbooks use.


As you can see, online casino payment methods vary widely based on the country of origin, particularly in the markets that are not English-speaking that prefer casino payment methods in various languages. The variations will be further when marketing said casino sites and betting on sportsbooks within certain markets where cultural and linguistic circumstances require more expertise.

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Name: A Complete Guide to Online Casino Payment Methods Globally

Posted On: 27/09/2021

Author: Darren Henley