Online Slot Features You must Know Before You Play

Online Slot Features You must Know Before You Play

The future of online casinos is very bright as the live casinos’ new and updated features are attracting more players to come aboard. Whether it’s a land-based casino, or mobile casinos, one of the most popular games is slots. But gone are the days of three-reel manual spin games. Instead, online slots offer various slot games with distinct online slots features. Gone are the days of hold, nudge, and Hi-Lo options.

This article discusses various online slots features which are more than candy or bar symbols.

Online Slots Features

The slot is a simple game. You place a bet, you spin the reels, and if the symbols match, you succeed. In earlier days, the most popular slots game was the three reels game, where there were three metal reels with a maximum of 10 symbols of different candies and bars.  Whatever combination matches, you get candy, a gum bar, money, or nothing. Online slots features are far more attractive than candies. Here are some distinct online slots features.

Bonus Games

The online slots games include a bonus symbol on the reels. If you match these, you get different bonuses like a bonus chance to spin the reels, free cash, progressive jackpot and many other chances to get something. No casino game is complete without a bonus game these days.

Progressive Jackpots

One of the most lucrative online slots features is the progressive jackpot, as it gives you a chance to bet maximum bet and get a huge amount of money. In these casino jackpots, every bet adds up a certain amount to the “big” jackpot. It is a pool that is created by multiple casinos and keeps increasing on every bet a player makes. 


Today, slot machines offer 10, 15, 45, 243 and even 1024 paylines, which means various combinations will pay you. Also, in traditional slot machines, the paylines from left to right were paid, but the present online slots features also pay even right-to-left paylines.


It is a feature that is a known feature of traditional casinos, but it is also one of the very popular online slots features of online casinos, which allow a player to slightly nudge the reels. So, say, if your reels stopped at a point where only a slight nudge like shifting a symbol on a reel will change the outcome, you are allowed to do so. Today some casinos also offer auto-nudging.

Gamble Feature

One of the UK-born very popular online slots features is the “Gamble” feature which asks a player whether they want to play a gamble and double, triple, quadruple their gains. In this Gamble option, you are asked to pick a color of the next card, or it’s a Hi-Lo game. 


The multiplier is one of the online slots features that can make you very lucky. If you match multiplier symbols on reels like x2, x4, x10, etc., your existing gains multiply several times. Slot players love this feature.

Cascading Reels

Have you ever played gem-based games where you have to make a combination of colorful gems, and they explode? It is what cascading reels are. If you land a combination of symbols, they explode. 

Return To Player

One must not play a slots game before checking its theoretical return-to-player. It signifies the amount of money the slot game pays out over some time. Say, if RTP is 97%, the player will earn 97 cents for every dollar wagered. The rest 3 cents are the house edge which the casino keeps for operating things for you. So, check the pay schedule of an online slot game, and choose a game that pays the highest RTP.

Free Spins

You can consider it a part of the bonus games. Players get bonus free spins after playing but casinos also offer free spins to new players who sign up on the website. One of the most popular online slots features is that you need not bet any money but only spin the reels for free. In the past, many players have won an insane amount of money by spinning a free spin. And if you are getting free spins, why not use them?


Online slot games also allow the players to play games where they feel convenient. There are high-variance, medium-variance, and low-variance games. High variance games are high-risk games where you can either get high rewards or lose more money. The volatility is high. While the low-variance games have smaller payouts and the risk is also low. The players can choose which one they prefer.


As its name suggests, it is a feature where you succeed even if the symbols are scattered. They don’t need to fall in a payline. The symbols are scattered, and if they appear on the reels, you get a smaller cashout or a bonus.

Wild symbol

If you are short of a symbol and the wild symbols in its place, you succeed. It works for every symbol on the reels, so it will signify the symbol you need, and earn the payout.

Wrap Up

With several online slots features, online slot games have become more exciting. After reading this article, you now know about several online slots features that you can use while playing and make your online slots game experience more exciting. So keep learning!

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Name: Online Slot Features You must Know Before You Play

Posted On: 04/10/2021

Author: Darren Henley