Slots Terminology – Online Slots Terms Explained

With online slots flooding every casino available, beginners are bound to be confused with the different terminology used. Well, the beginners aren’t the only ‘casualties’, the lingo used also affects a number of pros. Besides, no one was born knowing all this stuff.

However, this article dives into the various terminologies employed by various online casinos. After reading this, no lingo will stop you from enjoying your favourite online slots game.

Slots Terminology - Online Slots Terms Explained
Bet: This is the amount you will be putting on the line hoping that it will bring back more of it.

Max Bet: This is an option in the game that allows you to activate all paylines and stake on all of them. This will, in the long run, result in bigger wins.

Bonus Feature: This is an extra game that can be activated from the main game. Normally, these features are activated by landing a number of scatters in the base game.

Coins: This is the ‘currency’ used in online slots and it describes the stake price as well as the size of your winnings.

Coin Size: This describes how much you intend to stake on a particular active payline.

Flash Slot Machine: A slot that is built with flash capabilities allows you to play the game online without having to download it first.

Free Spins: This also referred to as free games and it offers players a chance to make a spin on the reels without having to place a stake. Normally, the free spins are dependent on the number of scatters that trigger the feature.

Jackpot: This is the top prize that can be won in any slot. There are different types of the same including progressive jackpots.

Multi-line: This is simply a slot that contains more than one payline.

Multiplier: This is a bonus that increases your winnings by a certain value and is usually linked with the free spins.

Payline: This is a line that links the winning combos on the reels. The number of paylines ranges from one online slots game to another. Some have up to 100 paylines. Every payline is staked on differently and eventually adds to the total amount for one spin.

Pay Table: This is a table that keeps records of the game details. For example, your winnings and bonus features and how to activate them.

Pokie: This is the Australian version of slot machines.

Progressive Jackpot: This is a type of jackpot whose value keeps increasing as the game continues. It will increase until someone win it.

Random Number Generator: This is a mechanism incorporated by online slots to ensure fair play. The RNG is responsible for how the symbols line up on the reels.

Reels: This is the field of play where the symbols will appear.

Scatter: Special symbol in the game that is most of the time responsible for activating bonus features.

Tournament: The game that consists of a number of players. For you to win, you need to beat your opponents.

Wild: This is a symbol that will replace other game symbols to form high paying combos.

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Name: Slots Terminology – Online Slots Terms Explained

Posted On: 19/08/2018

Author: Darren Henley