What Is RTP In Online Slots and How It Works

If you have been looking into online slots and online casinos, you must have seen or heard of the acronym RTP. It translates to Return To Player and references how low or high the payout percentage of any game or online slot is.
Yes, it can be a little difficult to grasp at first, but read below for a detailed dissection that will explain at length on all that is to be known dissection about the RTP.

What Is RTP In Online Slots and How It Works

Love high RTP Online Slots!

In its simplest meaning, the RTP refers to how much of the money that players bet on an online slot or any casino game will be given back to them within a certain time frame. RTP’s are invariably expressed in percentages and the higher the percentage the better for players. As well, all slots and online casino games have their own distinct RTP, which therefore lets players know just how much they can expect to win over time.

Players should note that the RTP is merely a theoretical statistical calculation that should by no means be taken very literally. Thus, despite the RTP being listed in black and white, random mega wins and losses are equally certain, with the RTP not being applicable in such cases.

Online Slots And Edgy Houses!

There is a direct correlation between the RTP and the house edge. Thus, for a casino table game such as European Roulette with a house edge of 4%, the RTP can be calculated by subtracting 4 from 100. This gets 96%, which in theory is the RTP.

Relation Between The RTP And Win Frequency

Knowing the RTP of online slots is vital, but stark numbers do not tell the whole tale. Thus, an online slot might have an RTP of 94%, and pay out every eight spins on average, while another with the same RTP pays out every couple of spins.
It, therefore, bears knowing that slots which pay out like a machine gun on full automatic usually pay out only small amounts. On the other side of the coin, slots that infrequently payout offload big sums now and then.
Therefore, both the RTP and win frequency are worthy of consideration during the gameplay.

Fairly Random Fun In Online Slots!

The gameplay mechanics of online slots are governed by Random Number Generators. This serves to make the wins and losses as random and arbitrary as possible.
Thus, each spin is totally independent of the one that came before it and the next to occur, with the randomness being as absolute as possible. When people, therefore, commend a slot for paying out at regular intervals, know that that is not possible because the RNG makes predictable wins essentially impossible.

Don’t only go by the RTP

The RTP of online slots and other casino games refers to the potential for wins over the long term and is found in a majority of the games in both traditional and online casinos. Apart from being swayed by the RTP, players should also consider the win frequency. Only when both are to their satisfaction should they try undertaking a journey with Lady Luck in the online casino of their choice!

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Name: What Is RTP In Online Slots and How It Works

Posted On: 16/08/2018

Author: Darren Henley