Top Tips to Improve Your Odds of Winning Scratch Cards

Top Tips to Improve Your Odds of Winning Scratch Cards

Undoubtedly, Scratch cards are one of the funniest ways to earn some instant cash with less effort and within the limit of your risk appetite. Winning Scratch Cards makes you delighted, and losing, of course, makes you feel bad, just like the lottery. But If you want to taste your luck, it is probably the easiest way to purchase a Scratch card. You never know what is waiting for you inside the card unless you scratch it. Once you scratch it, instantly, it unveils whether you have won or lost, and this is indeed the most exciting part of scratching cards that gives you a thrilling experience every time you scratch.

 Although Winning Scratch Card games needs good fortune as it is a pure luck-based game. This is the reason most of us give it a casual try every time we purchase scratch cards. But trust me, there are a few logical tips, which if you follow, can improve your odds of Winning Scratch Cards. However, these tips can’t guarantee your win every time you play the game but can improve your odds of winning for sure. Let’s have a close look at the top tips for Winning Scratch Cards.

Believe in Quality Not in Quantity

Always keep in mind that there are a lot of scratch cards available in the open market depending upon different prices, rewards, designs, and obviously brands. Now it entirely depends upon you what you will choose to be yours. Yes, for a very genuine reason, you can choose the cheapest one. But you must remember that they are cheap for a certain reason. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the best available scratch cards irrespective of the high price as their prize pool is much higher than the cheaper one.

Always Try to Buy in Bulk

Buying scratch cards of the same series in bulk is always a great trick for sure, as it is believed that buying in bulk increases your odds of winning scratch cards. Therefore, if you have an affordable budget, then always go for the bulk purchases. Bulk purchase of the same series always increases the odds of winning scratch cards rather than several small purchases of the same scratch cards of different series. 

Always Keep the Old Tickets

No, this is not advised for the emotion you have towards your old scratch cards with which you haven’t won, but there is a genuine logical reason behind. Sometimes, there are certain scenarios where the jackpots didn’t get their winner. In such scenarios, the company tries to find out the best loser. However, it takes time to declare the winner (The Best Loser). But who knows that your old cards are not in the lists of winners? You never know that, neither you assume. Therefore, always try to keep your old tickets as it may enable your fortune to win a big that you haven’t imagined.

Always Study the Scratch Cards

Have you ever heard about the “Singleton Method”? If you haven’t heard, then you must know that the “Singleton Method” is one of the effective methods for scratch card players with which you can increase the odds of winning Scratch Cards. It is a method of analyzing the layout and designs of scratch cards and choosing a certain pattern, which can boost your winning chances. Although this is an open secret now, still you can have a good chance of winning Scratch Cards as still a lot of companies don’t give much importance to this method.

Always Try to Strict with Your Budget

Well, this is true that thinking about your risk appetite or maintaining your budget won’t make you win scratch cards. But at least it may help you to decrease the chance of losing a lot of your hard-earned money. Therefore, it is always important to be strict with your budget so that you can afford the total amount of loss you commit to purchasing scratch cards.

Play Scratch Cards Like Slots

Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are some experienced slot players who wait to bet on a certain slot machine until its dry spell is over? Sometimes, the same thing can be applicable in purchasing scratch cards as well. In such scenarios, you need to identify those stores that are going through their dry spell for quite a long time. Once you get to know that they have just finished their dry spell, then you need to purchase tickets from those stores. Sometimes this process works smoothly in Winning Scratch Cards.

Strict to a Specific Game

It is always better to be strict with a specific game rather than purchasing cards for multiple games. We think that it has a much logical sense as when you continuously play a certain game, you gather a lot of experience, which helps you to always increase the odds of winning. Therefore, pick a game of your choice and be strict to it for the long run, and you may experience some unexpected better results in Winning Scratch Cards for sure.

Final Thoughts

Here in this article, we may not have shown you the right strategies for Winning Scratch Cards every time you play, as it is not possible at all since this is a game of pure luck. But we believe, if you follow the strategies we have accumulated here for you, you may get far better results in Winning Scratch Cards. Always remember one thing that it is always better to believe in your luck, but there won’t be any harm if you try to improve your luck with some true efforts.

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Name: Top Tips to Improve Your Odds of Winning Scratch Cards

Posted On: 16/10/2020

Author: Darren Henley