Your ultimate guide to stop humiliating yourself at the Video Poker casino

Your ultimate guide to stop humiliating yourself at the Video Poker casino

Video Poker casino is a beautiful game with decent profits, the best part being you can play it on your own without any disturbance or pressure. Being a solo game, the chances of making any kind of mistakes are quite low. But a player is a human too, and like any other person, he or she can also make some mistakes. This article will be your complete guide to help you avoid any kind of humiliation at the Video Poker casino. 

Your complete list of 10 mistakes you can avoid at the Video Poker casino game

These are the mistakes you need to remember and avoid while playing one of the most beautiful poker games. Follow the steps to master the game and stay ahead of others in the Player’s Club. 

  1. Understanding the variant 

  2. You need to understand the type of game that you have chosen to play. It is always advisable to learn about the game before playing it. There are so many options nowadays that most of the players get confused about which video to watch. In this article, you will get to know about the three most important variations that you need to know and understand. 

    • Deuces Wild
    • Jacks or Better
    • Pick’em Poker   

    You need to learn about the different strategies and the pay tables that are going to give you the chance to win the game. Pick’em poker has a simple strategy, but it is much more difficult to find its Video Poker machines. 

  3. Either use a strategy or don’t waste time playing the game

  4. Many of the players don’t use any kind of strategy for winning the game and end up losing their money. Video Poker is one such casino game where a correct strategy can increase your chances of winning and can reduce the edge to some extent. 

    Identify the paytable that suits the variant of the game you’ve chosen to play, find the respective Video Poker casino machine, and use your strategy after a bit of research and thoughts.

  5. Use to the fullest every kind of online opportunities 

  6. Many players don’t go for proper research and finding the best online machines suited to them. Times have changed, and now there is an ample number of resources online regarding every aspect of the game. The smartphone revolution has opened several doors and made things easy for gamblers. 

  7. Maximize coin wager 

  8. Video Poker is a tad bit different from the other games where you need to make a maximum wage to earn decent profits and not miss out on a better payout. Best of all, the Video Poker machines have a small coin size going as low as .05 online with good pay tables, which means that a five-coin wager on the casino machine is a total wager of .25.

  9. Finding a Video Poker tournament

  10. Poker is, after all, a game of luck and probability, and therefore you need to join a perfect tournament to take a calculated risk and get a better understanding of the game as well. Tournaments aren’t easy to find, and you need to look around to find a safe poker casino tournament for yourself. 

  11. Proper practice

  12. You should play the game in the demo mode a couple of times to understand the ins and outs of the game. 

    You can also make a flashcard series, put a certain hand on one of the sides, and then go for listing the play. You can keep these for consultation whenever you need them in the future. 

  13. Progressive machines

  14. There are mostly two types of gamblers, the first one who always plays the progressive machines, and the second type being those who ignore these machines completely. The winning tip lies in the middle of them by balancing between the two types of machines. 

  15. Improper bankroll

  16. Proper bankroll management is the key to success in the Video Poker casino scene. Players must understand to maximize wages and flow in cash, but also slow down when required and stay within their limits. 

    You need to decide and put a limit to the amount that you want to lose in the game because most of the Video Poker casino players have to go for a long stretch of losses before a significant win. 

  17. Lack of patience and concentration

  18. Focus is important in any casino game, Video Poker being not an exception. There needs to be a certain level of patience as you are going to fail a couple of times and lose your money. So don’t be impatient and feel frustrated, but stay focused and calm, and try to learn from your past mistakes. 

  19.  Playing on a problematic machine 

  20. It can happen that the machine you chose is not really for you. Don’t hesitate to shift to a new machine where you can have better chances of winning the game. Your main objective should be winning the poker at a perfect machine. 

Final words to make you a pro at the game

Video Poker is, in many ways, better than other casino games. But you need to stop making these mistakes to stay focused, calm, and win profits at the game you love. Earning money at the casino requires a bit of luck, but that shouldn’t stop you from following a strategy and avoiding the above-described mistakes. Even if you are making these mistakes for years, it is never too late to bring some positive changes to your game. 

Do proper research before playing your game as that’s going to take you a long way, and chalk out one or two plans. Try to get in some tournaments to limit your losses, and earn a nice prize amount if possible. Find low coin size machines for maximizing your profits and try out different machines to understand which suits you the best, and lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your game.

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Name: Your ultimate guide to stop humiliating yourself at the Video Poker casino

Posted On: 23/10/2020

Author: Darren Henley