What Is A Key Hand?

Like some other authentic casino games, Poker continues to be one of the most fascinating card games widely played across all genres of gamblers.  It is an international game enjoyed around the world. Prior to beginning a game of Poker at the real casino tables or when playing online, it’s important for players to understand the basic rules of the game and learn the key terminologies that can enhance your playing skills and increase winning opportunities. One such pertinent term is the ‘key hand’ which is used in Poker sessions and tournaments.


While Poker today is available online in its innumerable innovative forms, any player who understands the Poker hands and the basics of betting can play any form of the game with ease. Some versions of the game, however, use only 5 cards for a hand.

Before you start, you must understand what determines the hand strength and how are rankings done in the game. A typical poker hand will have the best 5 cards at your disposal.

What does the ‘Key Hand’ refer to in Poker?

It can be explained as the vital set of cards in a game of poker that can work as the game changer for the holding player. Many times the hand impacts the result of the game making it a turning point regardless of whether it turns out profitable or not for the player. This means that there could be instances where the player presents a hand that immediately makes him win the round against his opponents. For example, in the case of a royal flush or straight flush, the player plays all the cards. However, in such a scenario a key hand could become a bad holding making it disastrous.

If you are playing a Poker tournament, the one hand that makes for the turning point is referred to as the key had. This could be either for the good or worse, but it certainly changes the game for the player.

When is it used?

You may by now have understood that the key hand is used to describe the relevance of a specific hand that is put forth by any of the players in a game of Poker. The reason why it is called ‘key’ is that it determines whether the game is good or bad. You may play a Poker session for long with several hands being played, folded or called. But, this key hand may change things.

Here’s an example. You may have an influential holding with a full house. Such a holding that is anticipated as a win is pivotal to your success in the game. Moreover, depending on which stage the game is at, you could finally come out with a winning hand. Thus, key hands are significant within the game.

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Name: What Is A Key Hand?

Posted On: 29/12/2018

Author: Darren Henley