What is a Live Roulette

Roulette is a popular game among gamblers worldwide whether you play it online or at a land-based casino. Live roulette is a relatively easy game to play contrary to popular belief. The game has a simple and easy to understand layout. In addition, if you are focused, you can elevate to expert status in a short time.

In this article, we’ll explore what live roulette is, how to bet and the bets involved.

What is a Live Roulette

Live Roulette Layout

If you’ve played roulette before on a real table, then live roulette shouldn’t be a problem. Once you load the game, you’ll see the roulette table with 2 betting sections. The inside bets will be played on the long betting table while the outside bets will be played on the wide perpendicular section.

The croupier and the wheel are located at the top of the table and the former will spin the wheel, drop the ball and call out the winning bet. In a number of online casinos, the dealer will play live on a real table by placing your bets using real chips and will spin the wheel in real-time.

However, there are online casinos that use a computer-generated table with the dealer and the wheel the only real elements.

There are 2 types of live roulette wheels used:

  • The American Roulette: the wheel here contains 38 pockets with 2 zeros and a house edge of 5.26%.
  • The European Roulette: the wheel here contains 37 pockets labelled 0 to 36 and has a house edge of 2.7%.

Betting on Live Roulette

Placing bets on the live roulette table is easy. First, you’ll need to select your preferred amount, decide on the bet you wish to place and click on it. The live dealer will then acknowledge your bet and will place the corresponding chips on the table. One thing about live roulette is that you are allowed to place as many bets as you wish.

After placing your bets, the croupier will spin the wheel and will call out the winning number, if your bet carries the day, you will get paid equal to the odds that match your bet. Should you lose, then your chips are withdrawn and your bankroll deducted.

The Inside Bets and their Odds

Inside bets in live roulette are bets on single numbers and you make a number of them

  • Straight: this is a single number bet like 2, 23, 14 and so on. Odds are 35:1
  • Split: this is a bet placed on 2 adjoining numbers, the chip placed is what separates them and odds stand at 17:1.
  • Street: this is placed on 3 numbers in a row and odds stand at 11:1
  • Corner: this is a bet placed on 4 different numbers and has odds of 8:1
  • Line: this is a bet placed on 2 rows with 6 different numbers and has odds of 5:1

Outside Bets and the Odds

These bets are placed on a cluster of numbers and there are a number of them in live roulette:

  • Black/red: you’ll bet on whether the ball will fall on a black or red number. Odds are 1:1
  • Even/odd: bet of whether the ball will fall on an even or odd pocket. Odds are 1:1
  • Low/high: bet on whether the ball will fall on numbers between 1 and 18 or 19 and 36. The odds are 1:1
  • Dozens: get a cluster of 12 numbers on the table. Odds are 2:1
  • Column: this is a bet placed on the inside bet columns with 12 numbers included. Odds are 2:1
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Name: What is a Live Roulette

Posted On: 13/09/2018

Author: Darren Henley