What Is Match Bonus In A Online Casino?

A match bonus is a reward offered by an online casino to its newly registered players upon making a deposit or wager which matches their deposit value. These bonuses are quite commonly encountered in online casinos as well as on sports betting website. These are mostly commonly given to the players as welcome bonus. However, these bonuses can be offering anytime while running a special promotion on the casino website.

What Is Match Bonus In A Online Casino?

Rules governing match bonus offers

With lot of competition prevalent in the world of online gambling, online casinos need to offer lucrative deals to the players in order to stand out from the rest. The match bonus is used to lure new players to the casino while retaining the current ones. While offering a match bonus, a casino lures a player by promising to match the first deposit made by the player. Certain casinos offer match deposits in installments over first, second and subsequent deposits. These are governed with certain wagering terms and conditions. Then there are other casinos that offer match bonus on the first deposit and free spins on the subsequent ones. The bonus is made available to the player when they meet the wagering requirements after making a deposit in their casino account. Match bonuses are usually offered only as playing funds and cannot be withdrawn until the minimum withdrawal set by the casino is reached. However, the rules differ from one online casino to other.

Variations in a match bonus

An online casino usually plays with the percentage of the match bonus offered and this is taken care of by several parameters. Also it is not uncommon to come across a casino matching 100% or 200% of the initial deposit made by the players, the bonuses that follow subsequent deposits are usually more conservative. You however do get rewarded with free money that you can put to great use. It would however be impractical for an online casino to keep doubling deposits every time you choose to play with the casino. Once you have understood the working mechanism of match bonuses, you can actually go around and check the parameters that govern these. This would help you in filtering online casinos that are not benefiting you in any manner from their offerings. You can easily find advertisement on their homepage regarding signup bonuses. Go through the details before actually signing up with them and making your first deposit.

Kinds of match bonus usually offered

You can consider an instance where an online casino is offering 100% match bonus to the players making a deposit of $100 upon signing up with the casino. The minimum deposit amount set by the casino may be $10. So, if you make a deposit of $10 with the casino which would be your first deposit, then the casino offers you $10. Now, your bankroll amounts to $20 which can be utilized for indulging in games of your choice. If you make an initial deposit of $50, then the casino rewards you with $50 and your bankroll would be $100. If the casino offers 50% match bonus on your second deposit for up to $100 and with a minimum deposit of $10, then you would have $15 bankroll on your second deposit of $10 made with the casino. If your second deposit is $50, then the casino would offer you $25 and your bankroll would be $75.

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Name: What Is Match Bonus In A Online Casino?

Posted On: 06/12/2018

Author: Darren Henley