Women and Gambling: Is Women’s involvement increasing?

Women and Gambling: Is Women's involvement increasing?

Gambling has grown into a huge business, with more casinos online and inland opening each year. The industry’s total value is more than $230 billion annually and offers gaming services to a quarter of the world’s population, in any form.

Casinos online are home to the potential to have 1.6 billion players who visit each year. In parallel, there’s seen an increase in the number of casinos specifically designed for women and gambling, which focus on games that females most play. 

The Rise of Online Gambling

The past was when thinking about the word “casino” would trigger images of guys gathered around tables in smokey poker halls, with whisky and cigars in their hands; or wealthy style Las Vegas “whales” wagering piles of chips to spin the wheel. The only women present in these scenes were casino workers or beautiful women who were the trophy wives.

The popularity growth of casinos that were brick-and-mortar has brought more women and gambling to the gambling floor. However, they were still a minority. The biggest change was the rise of online casinos and virtual casinos. 

Women and gambling were no longer required to be anxious or unsure about going to the casino. They could play in the comfort of their home. Since mobile phones have taken over, it is now possible to connect to sites and play anyplace and anytime.

Targeted Marketing

Women and gambling are an enormous population that casinos can draw from to boost players’ numbers. There are numerous tools casinos can utilize to increase their numbers.


Betting sites and casinos online are shifting away from the traditional macho-style designs and are embracing a more neutral design. Some might use certain designs or colors targeted at women and gambling customers; however, they tend to adhere to a more general style.

The selection of slot machines and casino games is also geared equally to females and males. Certain game developers create new games designed with women players in mind, including cute animal characters, feminine color patterns, and designs.

Advertising Themes

Casinos that are brick and mortar advertise gambling’s glamorous side and draw male and female gamblers. They also concentrate on the game, and the fun and social aspects of women and gambling that have an enormous appeal. Women love to play in groups and are more likely to meet women in casinos rather than in a single room.

Social Media

Women spend lots of time using social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Casinos that are online gain by connecting to these platforms and allowing a swift move to their site. Women who play with enthusiasm and are eager to share their games and their scores on social media. This allows the casinos to gain publicity.

Success Stories

In the gambling industry, gender statistics show that women and gambling tend to bet on luck rather than playing strategy games. They are more inclined to play online slots, bingo on the internet, and lotteries. A poker game is typically male-dominated, with a small percentage of women participating.

One exception to this rule and notable female figure in gambling competition is Vanessa Selbst, a former professional player from America. She is the sole female who’s reached the top spot within the Global Poker Index, among other awards. 

Not only has she demonstrated the possibility of women and gambling being equally successful as men in Poker and other games, but she’s also encouraged many women to pursue their goals.

The achievements of women aren’t just solely related to gambling. In the business world, there are many successful women in the business. Denise Coates is a powerful woman who started an online gambling operation out of an abandoned Portakabin in her backyard in 2000. The company grew into a multi-billion-dollar company.

Increase in Women Poker Players

Poker is a form of gambling that has a few notable female players. However, it is generally male-dominated. Ladies are encouraged to play the cards to compete with the masculine-oriented game at only women and gambling poker tables and video poker tournaments.

This is a clear indication of Poker’s primary issue with male players. They can be sexist and offensive in their behavior, from being rude to be a bit creepy. Many women have attempted to join Poker only to discover that male players aren’t treated well, and this is not pleasant. 

This doesn’t seem right, and much more needs to be done to combat this. As more women get involved in Poker and the Men’s game, they will eliminate the sexist attitudes from the game forever.

Final Thoughts

The gambling world is constantly evolving, thanks to new technologies and innovations, ensuring an increase in interest. Women play a more important role than ever before. It could be a while before they catch up with males. However, it would be best if you didn’t ignore their increasing influence.

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Name: Women and Gambling: Is Women’s involvement increasing?

Posted On: 11/10/2021

Author: Darren Henley