What Are the Live Casino Games, And How Do They function?

What Are the Live Casino Games, And How Do They function?

Live casino games are among the most recent kinds of gambling. The same game played in a traditional casino can be seen in a live casino well. The main distinction between a traditional casino and live casino games is that the players can put bets in comfort at home. However, many people wonder how a live casino works and how it is different from land-based or basic casinos online? Find out more below.

Live Casino Explained

Players who have been gambling for a long time assert that the RTP (Return-to-Player) on casinos online is higher than traditional casinos. Some argue that slot machines have the highest RTP. But, statistics show that the RTP is almost identical regardless of whether you play in an actual casino or live casino games.

The majority of the leading live casinos you can find have gaming software offered by registered companies. But why is there such a buzz in the air regarding live casino games? 

In reality, what is a live casino? Live casino games is an online casino operating in real-time with live dealers. This means that players can play with their computers and experience a full gaming experience similar to an actual casino in a land-based. Some live casinos permit players to play with smartphones to enjoy live gaming.

Even though everything appears computerized, casino operators have to put heavily in technology for casinos and staff. A typical live casino will require a studio for casinos with a camera operator, a croupier, an information manager, and a pit boss. 

Because of the costs for the setup of live casino games, this is the reason you’ll only find the most basic of games. The majority of live casinos offer live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, and live poker.

A live casino floor typically comprises three rooms, specifically, the studio room and the software room, and the room for analysts. The configuration of these rooms can be different according to the casino. Players have to follow a set of rules to access the internet and play at home.

The technology behind the games

The interface connects technology used in the casino on the internet, and the live stream of play is available in various types. To allow specific gaming cards to be identified, it utilizes the same type of optical character recognition technology used in car parks to identify the number of cars entering or leaving.

Roulette wheels typically have sensors that determine where the ball is and an innovative piece of hardware known as a Game Control Unit that digitizes all the data needed for the game.

Each table is equipped with an individual GCU around one-third the width of an average shoebox, and without it, the live casino wouldn’t be possible.

Control room and cameras

The majority of tables have at minimum three cameras around them. one camera shows the whole scene, another on the dealer, and the third one is for the game itself. They are overseen by the director in charge of the games, who will usually be in the control room just a little away from the playing. They’ll also observe conversations between dealers and players that is a crucial aspect of the gaming experience.

As you’d expect from live casino games, the competition between live casinos. Only sites can afford the services provided by companies such as Evolution gaming. Evolution Gaming rents tables to online casinos and permits them to use their brand onto the tables. 

The online casinos can also set betting limits to appear as their live casino. Evolution Gaming is committed to protecting the players and to halting illegal activities. They track all games using the Mission Control Room, meaning they can swiftly resolve any issues such as fraud. 

They provide a variety of live casino games like Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Three Card Poker, and many more.

A particularly exciting game they provide is Immersive Roulette. It features multiple Hollywood-style cameras that allow players to be engaged in the game, and players can watch every move of the ball, all on HD video. 

Casinos feature amazing technology, ensuring you will have a memorable experience when you play online at live casinos games.  Being a part of the top casinos online will allow you to be amazed by the incredible technology behind gaming. 

Live Dealer

Like you’d imagine, the dealer is the one who controls the game. If a dealer is on the table and players are beginning to play, it won’t be difficult to distinguish between the traditional brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino. The dealer isn’t just a face; the dealer will still need to know what rules apply to the game since he’d still need to act as an actual dealer when playing.

As the dealer is real, Any physical transaction performed by the dealer in live mode is transformed into data using various software. One software program that performs these translations is optical character recognition (OCR). 

This program allows players to play the casino game and enjoy all the action without realizing the distinction. The best thing about the live casino experience is that a person decides the outcome. The person in front of your screen determines the outcome and not a computer programmed to make the decision.


Technology is evolving rapidly, and many believe this will lead to Virtual Reality that will provide the next major leap in technology. The live casino games experience may get more realistic, which is very worrying for casinos based on land, whose profits have been said to be on the verge of a decline.

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Name: What Are the Live Casino Games, And How Do They function?

Posted On: 13/12/2021

Author: Darren Henley