What Is Chipping? – Explained

It is a myth that gambling is a game of luck and that casino players win only on sheer luck. To become a good casino player, one needs a lot of practice and a good amount of knowledge to win at a game. There are many rules in a game which not only make the game interesting and fun but also make it more balanced and fair. It is the familiarity with the game and all the terms that make a player a winner.

What Is Chipping? - Explained

There are many terms that are involved in every casino game. From taking a step back (fold) at the table to putting in all the money that one has(all – in), there are innumerable terms that one needs to be aware of. Some terms are common to all games while some are very specific to a certain game. One such term that is common to all casino games is ‘chipping’.

Chipping is a term commonly used in poker, blackjack, roulette and craps. Chipping is a term used to describe the act of the player who is slowly but steadily building a stack of chips. Chipping away or grinding are other popular terms used to describe the player’s way of slowly collecting more chips.

Chips are an important and vital component in a casino game. Chip is a medium of wagering in all casinos. In casino games, real money is not used. The money is converted to chips. The chips are either prepaid i.e. while entering the casino, the player exchanges the money he wants to use in the Casino for chips or one gets the chips and has to clear the dues with real money after the game. Chips are used to bet in a game and hence they are very important to every casino game. All the wager is done using only chips. Thus in simpler terms, chipping is collecting more and more money in a casino game.

In any casino game, it is not necessary that there is a huge bet involved in the game. It is also not necessary that the exceptional hands are made and a player wins with exceptional margin. Some players place small wagers and indulge in a small bet with not a very great hand and win the bets. Such players do not achieve their final game with one game-changing wager, but they pick up small bets over a series of games and win these bets and then achieve their goal.

Chipping is basically the summing up of smaller wins to get great outcomes and an overall good amount of money.

The term chipping away is not only restricted to players. It can also be applied to the dealers who are quickly collecting back the chip which they lost during the games. The dealers indulge in chipping to get back the money that they have lost in a bet. Casinos prefer a dealer who is good at chipping and gives them preference. Some casinos also train their dealers to become good at chipping.

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Name: What Is Chipping? – Explained

Posted On: 29/06/2019

Author: Darren Henley